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See it, Understand it, Act on it and Do it.

Cedo is founded on the principle of bringing together the best and brightest minds in the insurance industry. Think of us as the go to source for P&C based experts, coaches, leaders, doers and role up your sleeves type of people. 

What are some of the ways Cedo can be there for you and your organization?

1)  When it comes to information and technology, all size insurance carriers need many of the capabilities that a largest 1% of insurance carriers need. Even  though it might be on a smaller scale, companies face unique and significant challenges such as delivering IT services with small IT teams (usually fewer than 50 people) and limited IT budgets (usually less than $20 million). While midsize enterprises can’t take advantage of economies of scale, they can leverage advantages due to their size and scale.  Cedo can assist carriers and their CIOs. Let us help you Architect your next strategy. From system implementations to new system design and build, Cedo will help move you forward on time and on budget.  From Cloud, systems conversions, system implementations, to legacy system phase outs. 

2) Cedo team helps gap the struggle of big data, analytics, data sourcing and story telling. We help you to determine; 

a) what data to use, 

b) how to find it, 

c) how to get it, 

d) what to do with it, and 

e) how to make it work for you. 

3) How can insurance carriers look at product restructuring. Can on demand insurance models be feasible  for current product offerings. What can the industry do to adapt from a marketing strategy to a regulatory compliance strategy. 


4) Cedo utilizes some of the greatest actuarial and data science minds found in the US. We are proud to partner with some of the most respected people in the insurance industry. We help your organization achieve what it needs to drive technology and deliver the future.