The Latest Cedo Use Cases


Pay As You Go Insurance

Cedo is working with a group to formulate an entirely new way to write General Liability for small to mid sized contractors. We are involved from both an Architectural side to an Underwriting/Rate development side. The product will be app based and give a lot of flexibility to the contractor while giving unprecedented data to the underwriter. 

Building A Tool to Search, Retrieve and Blend Data

Cedo is involved with building a tool that is able to be run on an app and give its user a business snap shot just by pointing at the business or entering in a limited amount of information. The tool will put small to med sized business data at the finger tip of anyone needing it to compete in the world of business to business.  

Underwriting Please!

Cedo is working with a group to build a new underwriting manual that better reflects the risk profile of large commercial risks.  

SOS It's implementation time.

Cedo is currently helping an insurance group migrate their commercial business from several legacy systems into a new third party cloud based system. Converting claims and policy processing for six lines of business creates its challenges. Our Solution Architecture models help the business and the IT staff stay focused on providing the conversion one data element, one coverage, one line of business and one rule at a time. 

Growing a book of business.

Cedo is the Architect designing a new cloud based tool set that will allow a small commercial insurance group to capture and store policy data. The tool will act as a policy application screen with transnational layers built in. The data will be stored in the cloud using AWS. Third Party claim data will be joined with the policy data to give insight to claim reports and pricing analytics.  Our tool will also incorporate the blending of external third party data for a deeper and more robust underwriting result.